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Welcome to the Componentized Linux community site! This site was created to facilitate greater collaboration and communication among the growing Componentized Linux developer community, as well as to provide a centralized resource for users and developers of Componentized GNU/Linux-based distributions. All projects hosted here are community-based and open source, and we welcome both individual and corporate participation.

What Is Componentized Linux?

Componentized Linux (CL) is a modular, highly customizable Linux distribution that can be used to build customized versions of the Linux operating system (at Progeny, we call them custom distributions).

Componentized Linux is based on the DCC Common Core (, an LSB 3.0 compliant, Debian 3.1 ("sarge") based common core designed by the DCC Alliance ( to serve as the basis for custom Debian distributions.

Componentized Linux is accompanied by the Platform Development Kit (PDK), a full suite of tools—best described as "version control for distributions"—for building and maintaining custom distributions using Componentized Linux.

The combination is a platform for building custom distributions that provides developers with a set of reusable building blocks, called components, that can be easily assembled into a wide variety of configurations and customized as necessary.

How may I Learn More about CL and the PDK?

We believe treating Linux as a platform for building products rather than as a product in itself is the better way.

  • Reconsidering Linux (

How Do I Get Started?

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