From Progeny Componentized Linux

APT (Advanced Package Tool) is the groundbreaking Debian™ software-management system. Implemented as a layer above package-management systems such as Debian's dpkg and RPM, APT tracks and resolves dependencies between packages, allowing users to install software with a single command even when complex interdependencies exist. APT can also download packages from the Internet, allowing software and security updates to be deployed seamlessly over the network and entire systems to be upgraded without interruption of service.

Progeny's APT project is not an APT replacement; it's a place for Progeny to add and test features, as well as work toward merging the various APT-derived projects into mainline Debian APT. Progeny will develop and test new features for APT while upstream authors focus on keeping the codebase stable and reliable. As features mature, they'll be sent upstream.

To this point, our APT development efforts have focused on adding some basic functionality to APT: support for SSL, HTTPS, cookies, interactive authentication, and redirects. This functionality was added so that APT can be used to deliver software to authenticated users.

Our future development efforts will center around bridging the gap between Debian APT and the APT variants that have emerged in the RPM world, as well as adding support for emerging efforts (http://lists.dulug.duke.edu/mailman/listinfo/rpm-metadata) to standardize software repository formats. Interested developers are encouraged to join us (http://lists.progeny.com/listinfo/apt-workers).