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Red Hat's® Anaconda is the standard installer among Linux® distributions—millions of people have used it to install Linux. Our port of Anaconda to Debian™ aims to remove the Red Hat–specific code from Anaconda and (in concert with other distribution-neutral technologies such as APT) turn it into an installer for a wide range of Linux distributions. Our goal is to bring the familiar installation experience of Anaconda to the rest of the Linux world.


PICAX (for Progeny Installer Creator and Archive eXtractor) is a media-building tool built with flexibility in mind. It accomplishes this via a plug-in module system that implements different installers and different media types. PICAX is intended as a replacement for debian-cd and other systems for building media that can install Debian and Debian-based distributions.


Please submit bug reports and other feedback to the anaconda-workers mailing list.


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